The Mitsio Archipelago

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6 Days (5 nights) 10 Dives Up to 6 Passengers


The archipelago is made up of 5 islands: the Great Mitsio, Nosy Lava, Nosy Ankarea, the four brothers and Nosy Tsara Banjina for the underwater part there is the dive bank, the Beaver Bank, the brothers' bank, we also dive around the 4 brothers who are 8 minutes west of the Great Mitsio. Although the Mitsio are a diver's paradise, it should not be forgotten that the beauty of the islands and the magnificent beaches make this place the ideal destination for "bubble-free" discovery. In addition, to the north of other unexplored islands, there are other unexplored islands with still intact flora and fauna on land.


Due to the diversity of the seabed, the Mitsio are the perfect place for divers of all levels. The depth varies from 5-7 m (excellent for snorkelling) to 35 m, with an average of 15-25 m. You can admire all kinds of corals, such as the amazing giant gorgons, as well as a multitude of coral fish. There are many schools of barracudas, jacks and other pelagic, not to mention mantas, leopard sharks and whale sharks....

Trip Itinerary

The Mitsio Archipelago

Day 1

Welcome aboard

Welcome of the customers at 1 pm, boarding on the boat, then road to Mitsio, about 4.30h of navigation to arrive on the beach of Nosy Faly where we anchor for the night.

Day 2


Departure for 2 dives on the brothers 1st dive the tetons 2nd cap, then road to the big Mitsio to go anchor in Marimbe, on the road we enjoy the magic landscape that the basalt organs offer us. Once at … Read More

Day 3

Nosy Lava

Departure for the beaver bank for the 1st dive of the day then road to the dive bank for the 2nd we leave afterwards for Nosy Lava which is the northernmost island of the Mitsio to stop over, we can … Read More

Day 4


We dive on the tip of the island then we leave for the Ankarea bank for the 2nd dive. Then we go to the small island of Ankarea where we go down to enjoy this large white sand beach. or … Read More

Day 5

Sakatia, Madirokely

Departure for the brothers’ bench where we dive then to the brothers for the second dive on Antsoa, then road to Nosy Be, direction Sakatia or Madirokely depending on the sites chosen for the next day.

Day 6

Back to Marina

Dive departure off Nosy Be, or wrecks or Tanikely reserve. Return to Ambatoloaka after lunch we disembark around 3 pm.

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